Our Story

Tempest Kings met in Cardiff, Cymru, under an alternative alias.  Side-tracked by geography and the horrors of real life, Aled, Ben, Jono and Will eventually reconvened to put down a legacy of what once was.  

Riffiti is the result. We're bloody proud of it, and we hope you enjoy it as much as us.  

In deepest, darkest Wales the album was made under the guidance of the second most recorded Welsh songwriter of all time.

Riffiti is an unapologetic rock 'n' roll record full of riffs, melodies, grooves and energy.  

With Al "Metronome" Morris laying down a flawless beat, the "Brothers F*ck-Up" cranking up the amps and kicking out the riffs, the stage was set for "Whispering" Will Hearsey to add the soul and melody.

Tempest Kings are:

Ben Butcher - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Bass, Cigar Box Guitar, Vocals

Will Hearsey - Vocal, Harmonies

Jono Holme - Guitar, Nashville Guitar, Vocals

Aled Morris - Drums, Organ, Bass, Vocals